Denver, CO – – – Water conservation is an important priority to the members of the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers (RMSG).

Emphasizing that priority, RMSG has recently redeveloped its website making lawn watering requirements a priority in Colorado.  As Colorado prepares for the growing season after a very dry spring, it is important to understand how to properly care for grass.  “Grass does not waste water,” noted Joe Wilkins III, President of the RMSG.  “Most lawns are over-watered due to set irrigation schedules, changing weather conditions and a lack of understanding concerning how to effectively water turf, ” he added.

The new website contains a wide variety of information compiled by turf experts in the region and scientific research.  Useful tips including: how to install sod, how to care for lawns, how to select the appropriate grass variety for a particular situation and how to properly water lawns are included on the site.  “Over-watering turf is a common mistake.  Our website specifically addresses water requirements as well as a range of other questions, concerns and misconceptions concerning lawns and sod,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins continued, “The key to water conservation and existing lawns is knowing when and how to water.  When establishing a new lawn, proper ground preparation with compost and tilling prior to sodding with help conserve water.  It is good to see some brown in your lawn during the summer heat so that you know you’re not over-watering.  This forces the turf to develop a deep root system, which ultimately results in the less use of water.  Not everyone understands that adjusting the sprinkler clock weekly, or daily, is one of the most important things people can do to save water.”

Research conducted by Colorado State University confirms that many varieties will thrive on less than one inch of water per week during the growing season.  “Anything more is water wasted, adding to the myth that grass uses too much water,” said Wilkins.

The RMSG believes that when it comes to lawns and water conservation homeowners can have a beautiful lawn and conserve water.  “All it takes is proper soil preparation, awareness of the amount of water being put into your lawn, and talking to a professional for advice on lawn care,” Wilkins emphasized.  “We urge everyone committed to water conservation to visit our website at for more information.  All RMSG members are available to provide additional information or advice at any time.”

Sod Growers Stress Water Conservation
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