The Most Important Step

Prepare your site prior to the arrival of the sod.

Remove weeds and debris. Establish a rough grade and eliminate low spots. Spread and rototill a minimum of 3 cubic yards of organics per 1,000 square feet at least 4 inches deep.Level and rake the installation site until it is smooth. Grade areas along sidewalks and driveways approximately 3/4 inches below top of concrete.

Be sure you have on site hoses and sprinklers for the initial watering.

Make sure sprinkler system is performing properly.

Understand the operation of your sprinkler clock for proper watering of the new sod and established lawn.

Order your sod from an RMSGA member. Members of the RMSG are experts. Collectively they have over 300 years of experience in growing, maintaining and selecting the proper turf for your situation.