Don’t let the beauty of your lawn be ruined by crabgrass and/or foxtail.  These unwanted plants usually show up around June.  Applying pre-emergent is an excellent way to prevent these grassy weeds from showing up in the future.

In Colorado the best time to apply pre-emergent is around the first of April through mid-April.  There are many products available.  Pre-emergent can be found as a component of some fertilizers.  This is convenient as this is also a great time to fertilize.

Pre-emergent works by creating a barrier in your lawn that prevents unwanted plant seeds from germinating.  For this reason it is critical that the application of a pre-emergent is made prior to seeds germinating.  Seeds in the ground since last fall are waiting for the ground to warm up so they can begin growing.  You may not see the plants until June, but seeds have already started germinating 4-6 weeks earlier.   If temperatures in May are un-usually warm, then it may be too late, and your efforts will be wasted.

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Pre-emergents Prevent Grassy Weeds
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