RMSG LogoWhile some people worry about water supply limitations, and environmental impacts such as pesticide residues in storm water, the facts indicate that the benefits to turfgrass are numerous, and simply banning or removing turfgrass from our landscapes may be short sighted.

Grass doesn’t waste water – people do. Healthy grass can be maintained with far lower water usage than most people apply. Understanding the water needs of any plant, including grass, is essential to practicing proper water conservation.

A review of published, fact-based research on turfgrass indicates that it is more than an aesthetic choice for homeowners and areas. In fact, grass has many lifestyle and environmental benefits including:

  • Increase in property values
  • Capture of water run-off and dust in the air
  • Lessening of the Heat Island effect
  • Capturing and storing of carbon in roots
  • Boosting one’s oxygen footprint
  • Safety for children and athletics

Removing lawns and replacing it with rocks or other less beneficial plants may have unintended consequences. Most people prefer a lawn, so removing it often decreases property values.

Air conditioning usage is much higher for homes with no lawn around it to lessen the heat island effect, thus leading to higher energy bills and a negative impact on the environment. Dust and other air pollutants increase where there is no plant cover to capture them.

“The best thing that people can do is to learn the facts,” says Ed Markham, President of the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers. “For years people have been saying that grass is bad, but it isn’t. People just need to learn how to care for it properly.”

Individuals interested in learning more about grass are encouraged to visit www.sod-growers.com This website is designed to be educational to provide individuals with information on sod installation, lawn care and water conservation. Additionally, a list of expert members is included for those who would like to speak directly with a professional.

Think Before You Remove Your Lawn!