Recently, Denver Water sent out a notice encouraging homeowners to “replace some of that water guzzling grass with drought resistant plants and flowers.” I am concerned that homeowners are not receiving the facts.

All plants and flowers are “water guzzling” if too much water is applied. It isn’t the plants or grass that are at fault; it’s people watering more than they need to.

Additionally, in the urban environment, turf grass plays an important role in cooling our homes from asphalt and concrete, filtering water, and producing oxygen to offset pollution. We also know that home values are also increased with landscapes that include lawns.

The Rocky Mountain Sod Growers work diligently to educate consumers concerning how to make the right choice of grass for their situation and how to properly water grass to conserve water. Misleading information such as that sent out by Denver Water adds to the confusion and doesn’t address the real issue.

I encourage individuals who wish to learn how to properly conserve water without removing their grass to visit helpful educational information.

Remember, grass doesn’t waste water—people do!


Joe Wilkins III, Littleton

The writer is president of Rocky Mountain Sod Growers.

It’s Not the Lawn That Wastes the Water…