Why renovate a lawn?

You may want to consider renovating a home lawn if:

  • The lawn species or variety is frequently attacked by disease or insects and it has caused the lawn to thin out,
  • The landscape has become increasingly shady over time and the original lawn is thin and unhealthy,
  • The lawn was severely injured or totally killed by disease, insects, or drought, or if it was winter-killed, or if
  • You want to completely convert from one turf species to another.

Now is a good time to consider renovation. Bluegrass and fescues may be addressed any time from March – September. Buffalograss may be addressed April – July.

Be sure to consider installing sod if you are starting a new lawn, or want to totally renovate your existing landscape. It’s good for the environment, it will increase your property value and provide beauty for years to come.

For more detailed information concerning lawn renovations, or any other turf issue, contact one of our expert members or www.ext.colostate.edu

Lawn Renovation