While recent storms have provided much needed moisture to Colorado, water conservation continues o be a priority. Predicting what will happen from year to year is very difficult for sod farmers. Weather and water availability are significant factors in our success. However, our business is based upon the fundamentals of solid turf management. Proper ground prep, proper irrigation and selecting the most appropriate turf variety for specific environments has been, and will always be, crucial to enhancing the environment while conserving water. Members of Rocky Mountain Sod Growers believe that if you follow current best management practices, on a routine basis, you can have a healthy lawn and conserve water as well.

As President of the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers Association (RMSG), I know that all of our members not only provide a product to their customers but expert advice such as how much water to apply, as most individuals tend to overwater their grass.

The sod industry as a whole has been challenged for many years. In addition o drought conditions, sod farmers must deal with misinformation that is out in the public. Kentucky bluegrass continues o be an excellent selection or people who wish to have turf which has been scientifically proven to protect itself through drought conditions. Green Hills Sod Farm ran out of water on September 1, 2012. Since that time we’ve operated only with the water that Mother Nature has supplied. We’ve not yet started our pumps as of May 10, 2013. That means for 8.5 months our grass has received no additional watering, and it still looks great. However, we are always looking for different turf options what would work in our Colorado climate.

drought_workersDrought conditions have a major impact on the Green Industry as a whole. When water providers prohibit landscape planting it hurts everybody –often resulting in lay-offs. Some businesses may be forced to close. We’ve remained in business because most people understand that grass enhances the environment, it increases property values and it provides areas for people to relax and play. The majority of people living in the state appreciate grass in the landscape.

Drought From The Sod Growers Perspective