Sod is the green key to a better environment. Our expert members grow the turfgrass that makes our world a better place, and is drought resistant.

For hundreds of years, people have valued turfgrass areas for many different reasons.  Grass zones contribute to community pride, increase property values and compliment other landscape plants. Natural grass also provides many benefits on golf courses, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds and commercial properties.

It’s amazing that something as simple as sod can help restore our precious earth.

Scientific research confirms that sod lawns, parks, and open areas cool the air while generating oxygen, reducing pollution, controlling soil erosion, and purifying and replenishing our water supplies.

There are many other benefits of turfgrass.

  • Lawns improve recharge and quality protection of groundwater and provide flood control.
  • They enhance entrapment and biodegradation of synthetic organic compounds.
  • They absorb and sequester carbon dioxide gases.
  • Grass plants provides substantial urban heat dissipation which results in temperature moderation.
  • Lawns contribute to home security as well, providing high visibility zones that deter potential intruders and open green spaces that serve as a firebreak to reduce fire hazards.

Produces Oxygen

110 square feet of turgrass provides enough oxygen for two people for an entire day. A lawn absorbs carbon dioxide & releases oxygen keeping the air clean & fresh around your home.

Cools Your Environment

The average front lawn has the cooling effect of 8.5 tons of air conditioning. A turfgrass lawn will be 15  degrees cooler than bare soil and 30 degrees cooler than pavement or rock.

Removes Greenhouse Gasses

Lawn areas in the United States store up to 37 billion tons of carbon. A lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen keeping the air clean and fresh around your home. A lawn also filters & muffles noise.

Increase Your Home Value

Landscape will add 15% to 20% to your home’s value.