Denver, CO – – – Ed Markham, President of the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers (RMSG) wants everyone to know that April is National Lawn Care Month.

“As the temperature warms, more and more people are taking a good look at their lawns. It’s a chance to prepare for the summer season and to ensure that your lawn is ready to go after the winter. Educated homeowners know that the work they put in today is an investment for the future,” notes Markham. “April is National Lawn Care month and a great time to learn more about sod and the needs of various grass types,” he adds. For that reason, individuals are encouraged to visit the RMSG official website to learn lawn care from the experts. Visit www.sod-growers.com and “like” the official Sod Growers Facebook page.

Understanding the actual water needs of your landscape is critical to making informed decisions about what types of plants, including grass, to include. For years the myth that grass wastes water has been proliferated in an attempt to limit what so many desire. However, the truth is that grass doesn’t waste water, people do. “When people become informed concerning the actual water needs of their lawn, they are surprised. Most people over water their lawns,” says Markham.

“I encourage everyone to consider their landscape as an asset,” Markham adds. “Increase your property value by ensuring that inefficient or broken sprinkler systems are addressed. Plan for grass around your home to decrease the heat during summer, thus keeping air conditioning down. Become more educated concerning the different varieties of grass, their water needs and how they perform in different settings.”

For additional information, please contact a Rocky Mountain Sod Grower member – the experts in sod care and installation by visiting www.sod-growers.com

Keep your lawn healthy – it’s money in your pocket.

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April is National Lawn Care Month